Monday, April 9, 2012

Of Corset's Tight! Vintage to Contemporary Corsets

Corset from 1750 (above and below)

One woman who doesn't have to worry about horizontal stripes making her look fat!

Vintage corset ad


Vintage illustration showing some of the physical repercussions of corsets

16th century steel corset cover

French iron corset cover 1580-1600 resides at Koyoto Costume Institute Japan

corset tattoo

Upcycled corset planter

Corset planter

"Tramp Lamps" via Etsy

Vintage corset ad reads, "fits baby too" - yikes!

Read more about the history of corsets

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes

The Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes
by DuBose Hayward
published in 1939
Illustrated by Marjorie Flack

This book is a literary treasure. If you have not read this to your children, or to your grandchildren, or for yourself, you should! Happy Easter!

One day a little country girl bunny with a brown skin
and a little cotton-ball of a tail said, "Some day I shall
grow up to be the Easter Bunny: you wait and see!"
Then all of the big white bunnies who lived in fine houses,
and the Jack Rabbits with long legs who can run fast,
laughed at the little Cottontail and told her to go
back to the country and eat a carrot.
But she said, "Wait and see!"

Have you read this book?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old Furniture Upcycled Into Dollhouses & Play Kitchens

In many of my blog posts I've talked about upcycling salvaged materials and furniture and turning them into entirely new treasures. Did you ever think about upcycling something and turning it into a toy? Well that's just what these creative folks below did when they repurposed their old night stands, TV tables, bookcases and other furniture pieces into fabulous play sets for their children and grandchildren. Check it out!